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Guiding A Regional Team with Support and Balance with Kerrie Watson

In this episode we feature Kerrie Watson, professional dancer and occupational therapist, who has been a critical member of the Renewal Rehab regional leadership team for the past four years.

Kerrie first worked as an occupational therapist in a hospital setting. She moved on to skilled nursing and eventually became a director of rehab. It wasn’t long before she realized that she could continue to expand her career and support patients’ therapy goals in a bigger way. She says, “I saw that Renewal Rehab had an opportunity to be a regional, and I was fortunate enough to join the team. I have absolutely loved working for the company since then.”

Prior to taking on the position, Kerrie worked closely with the regional team member assigned to her facility. Kerrie says, “She was instrumental to my professional growth as she took me under her wing and had me help oversee some of the sites, which taught me the way buildings are managed and inspired me to become a regional.”

Kerrie goes on to describe her passion and how much she enjoys what she does. She says, “I’m passionate about what I do. I want my directors and therapists to be successful and make our location the best it can be.”

She shares what it’s like in her experience to strive for balance in terms of work and family life. At work each day varies, with tasks that constantly need her expertise and support, such as reports, one-on-one or group meetings and working on patient documentation and caseloads.

There are often difficult challenges that arise, which lead to potentially uncomfortable conversations. Kerrie says, “Many times there’s clinical questions directors or therapists aren’t sure about, but they know they can come to me to solve the problem together. Even if I don’t know the answer, we’ve got people on our team to go to for the answers.”

This is just part of the positive work environment at Renewal Rehab that Kerrie describes as “a family.”

Key to creating a positive team culture is communication. Kerrie stresses, “If you can communicate to your team and hold them accountable, then you will have a successful team.”

Communication has shifted during COVID as Kerrie says, “I think it’s increased because you have to communicate more at this time because you’re not on the sites. I feel like I’m communicating a lot more with people than ever before.”

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