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Industry leader in dialysis provides nursing homes with in-house care

Skilled nursing facilities are some of the most regulatory and clinically complex institutions in healthcare. Shimmy Meystel (CEO) and Nosson Factor (COO) of Concerto Renal Dialysis operate dialysis clinics in nursing facilities, an already a complex operation.  

That service has proved even more essential during the pandemic when SNFs are trying to limit residents’ exposure to other people and health facilities.  

Concerto Renal Dialysis is the industry leader providing skilled nursing homes (SNF) with dialysis. Meystel explains, “Essentially, we contract with skilled nursing facilities to bring dialysis onsite for their residents with the full continuum of care that it entails so that residents don’t have to go out for dialysis.” 

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Concerto Renal Dialysis is in the midst of a national expansion. They’re streamlining their approach and expanding to provide a much-needed resource to seniors all over the country.  

COVID impact on corporate strategy  

Although the pandemic has brought extraordinary challenges to the world and healthcare industry in particular, as a dialysis provider Concerto was fortunate to be ahead of the game when it came to infection control. 

Factor says, “We operate with contact isolation throughout the year and always have. That means gloves and masks were already a standard part of our procedure. Our focus was always on increased collaboration, communication, coordination, with our nursing home partners.” 

Factor and Meystel had to consider how to best help their operators function optimally. “We had to put ourselves in the operators’ seats to understand what they were going through to assess how to adjust and make things simpler for them. Our goal was to be a strong care partner throughout the pandemic,” says Factor.  

When the pandemic hit, it put a temporary hold on existing or new projects. Meystel says, “Thankfully, those projects have now been completed or are close to completion. Moving forward has created some altering of strategy. We have a whole design team on staff planning new units remotely, which is actually more efficient. COVID has allowed us to adjust in ways that we will integrate moving forward.” 

That’s not the only lesson Concerto has taken from the pandemic. Meystel shares, “Honestly, COVID-19 showed us the need to grow quickly to bring our service to more markets, which is so important for high-risk residents. We’ve realized that we need to consider going to more markets quickly, bringing our service to more nursing homes and allowing more access to more residents.” 

That’s not to say there haven’t been challenges.  

Meystel continues, “There are some issues with certain states or certain cities not allowing contractors or non-essential visitors still into their facility. That’s something still affecting us today, and it varies from case to case. But for the most part, we’ve been able to adjust our operation to continue bringing on facilities and talking with operators about onboarding new units as they see fit.” 

Emphasis on dialysis need 

Dialysis on site supports skilled nursing patients because it’s one less appointment outside of the facility.  

Prior to COVID, having in-house dialysis was a luxury. Meystel says, “Before the pandemic, operators put in dialysis as an additional marketing tool, or to be able to accept more highly acute patients into their facility. Now, sending a patient out to a dialysis center is problematic because there’s unnecessary exposure to communal patients. That alone has pushed a lot of nursing home operators to consider a nursing home dialysis.” 

The second wave of the pandemic is fast approaching and having in-house dialysis treatment in skilled nursing facilities is a helpful step towards creating an infection-free bubble.  

Factor says, “There are reports that one of the byproducts that people with severe cases of COVID is kidney failure. We see it as an acute focus on the need for dialysis. Operators all over the country are contacting us to find a way to stop having to send their patients out for dialysis three times a week to keep their patients safe.” 

Commitment to patient care 

When families are considering a treatment option for a loved one, there are so many considerations. Concerto tries to make the process a little easier by educating hospital caseworkers on understanding the scope of treatment available.  

“In the United States, when people think of dialysis they naturally think of the two largest companies who have been around for years. For them to understand that for their elder parents there is another option for in-house dialysis with great operators, who service patients within nursing homes can be life-changing,” says Factor.  

The focus on individual patients is what sets Concerto apart. Factor says, “It’s not just about Concerto. It’s about the patient. When a family member is discharged to a nursing home, they should be asking, ‘can they receive dialysis in-place?’ That’s how important it is.”  

Throughout the pandemic, Meystel has marvelled at the staff’s dedication and commitment to patient care. Meystel says, “The entire nursing home staff shows up every single day in and out to perform this important work. The nursing home staff cannot be questioned on their level of commitment to their patients.”  

Meystel and Factor expressed their gratitude for all that their care team does. “There are just too many to thank. We didn’t have to stop or miss a single treatment during COVID. We had corporate staff and support staff step in and do direct patient care. It was a true sacrifice, and though it’s cliche, they really are the healthcare heroes.” 



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