SNF Spotlight

Month: May 2021

Prosthetics With a Purpose with Dov Belsky

Most amputations derive from untreated Diabetes. Dov Belsky and Phil Rzepka of Presque Isle Medical Technologies discussed amputation and prosthetics. Learn how Presque is helping centers better care for amputees utilizing prostheses.  

Revolutionizing the Landlord-Tenant Relationship with Archie Shkop

Mozart Healthcare wants to see operators succeed and grow in their industry. Archie Shkop, Reuben Stein, and Nathan Davis, of Mozart Healthcare, joined SNF Spotlight for our very first panel where they discussed how they assist operators through the constantly changing healthcare industry.

Mobilizing Phlebotomy with Elly Kutoff

LifeScan Labs is changing the industry with its mobile phlebotomist and innovative methods for perfect testing samples. Learn more with Elly Kutoff, CEO of Lifescan Labs on this episode of SNF Spotlight Series, sponsored by Renewal Rehab.

Getting Better at Root Cause Analysis with Erica Holman

CEO of Clinton Area Care Center joined SNF Spotlight Series to break down a better approach to improving surveys and SNF customer service. Learn more about speaking with difficult families in this episode of the SNF Spotlight Series, sponsored by Renewal Rehab.